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Amine transaminases

Amine transaminases (ATAs) catalyse the transfer of an amino group from a primary amine to a prochiral ketone (or aldehyde). Amine transaminases are highly enantioselective and therefore can be used for the resolution of racemic amines or the synthesis of chiral amines from inexpensive ketones.
The scheme shows examples of optically pure (R) amines synthesized from the corresponding ketones by means of (R) -selective ω-transaminases
Optical pure (R)-amines synthesized from the corresponding ketones with the help of the (R)-selective ω-transaminases (PharmaChem, 12, 22-25)

ATAs are pyridoxal-5'-phosphate dependent enzymes and their substrate range includes aliphatic and aromatic amines, amino acids, amino esters and amino alcohols. Typical amine donors are alanine, ethylamine, 1- and 2-propyl- or butylamine and others.

The photo shows the 'Ready to use' screening kit for (R) -selective ω-transaminases'
(R)-selective ω-transaminases "ready to use" screening kit (PharmaChem, 12, 22-25)