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We offer a broad selection of enzymes suitable for research and development, diagnostics and industrial production.

Enzymicals AG has a unique feature in the recombinant pig liver esterases, (R)-selective amine transaminases, Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases, halohydrin dehalogenases and imin reductases.

A selection of our innovative biocatalysts is commercial available by our catalog business. The majority of our internally available enzymes and all biocatalysts from network partners are exclusively used for in-house screenings and for tailor made solutions on request. All catalogue enzymes are offered as recombinant produced crude protein extracts from microbial host systems in technical grade. Final formulations, as well higher grades of purity, can be adapted on request to meet specific process requirements. All enzymes are available in bulk scale.

Our company also offers a tailor made expression service, for the case that you need a special enzyme which is rarely or not available by standard providers. (see chapter Solutions)

Available enzyme classes: