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Imine Reductases

Enzymatic asymmetric imine reduction is a promising alternative for the synthesis of chiral amines. Imine reductases (IREDs) catalyze the reduction of imines to amines by using NAD(P)H as a hydride source. These enzymes are classified as EC, alongside other enzymes with imine-forming and imine-reducing activity.

Die Abbildung zeigt das allgemeine Reaktionsschema der Iminreduktasen

General reaction scheme of IRED

The transformation of prochiral imines to chiral amines using IREDs offer a quantitative asymmetric route to amine products of high optical purity. Therefore, these enzymes can have a valuable complementary role to play in chiral amine synthesis. Enzymicals has IREDs, which have a high R-selectivity, as well as IREDs with a high S-selectivity. For quantitative assurance, IREDs are tested against 2-Methyl-1-pyrroline as standard substrate at pH 7.5 in presence of NADPH. The IREDs accept cyclic and acyclic substrates.

Die Abbildung zeigt Reaktionsprodukte der asymmetrischen IRED-katalysierten Reduktion

Chiral products obtained by asymmetric reduction catalyzed by ECS-IREDs

Das Schema zeigt Substrate, die durch IREDs umgesetzt werden

Substrates converted by ECS-IREDs