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February 22, 2021
EMBLEM and Enzymicals AG sign a license and cooperation agreement. »More

September 26, 2020
Enzymicals AG is finalist in the 2020 SME Grand Prix. »More

August 07, 2020
New supervisory board member appointed. »More

July 07, 2020
Two collaborative R&D outcomes from Enzymicals AG were selected for the Innovation Radar by the European Commission. »More

May, 15th 2020
Enzymicals and Syngulon sign a non-exclusive license agreement on the use of Syngulon’s antibiotic free technology to produce enzymes. »More

March, 27th 2020
Start of the EU-funded project MACBETH (Membranes And Catalysts Beyond Economic and Technological Hurdles).
Now things are getting big - innovative membrane reactor on its way being on an industrial scale. >More

January, 10th 2020
German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel visited Enzymicals AG.
During the groundbreaking ceremony for the Center for Life Sciences and Plasmatechnology in the city of Greifswald, the German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel visited Enzymicals AG as one of the future tenants. >More

December, 20th 2019
Positive review of 2019
To the end of the year, Enzymicals AG is positively looking back and is recognize a continuous organic growth with a significant increase in turnover. »More

September, 4th 2019
10th anniversary of Enzymicals AG
Officially founded on the 27.08.2009, Enzymicals has now celebrated its 10th anniversary. Over the course of our festive event, the successful establishment of a profitable company in the field of industrial biocatalysis was recognized. »More

August, 26th 2019
Start of construction of the Center for Life Science and Plasma Technology
After several years of intensive planning, the construction of the "Center for Life Science and Plasma Technology" with a usable area of around 5,500 m² is now beginning in Greifswald. This will create the space required for the further expansion of the laboratory and production capacities of the resident Enzymicals AG directly on the inner courtyard of the BioTechnikum. »More

June, 12nd 2019
Enzymicals expand its online access to its products and services via Science Exchange.
Science Exchange, the online marketplace for outsourced scientific services has approved Enzymicals AG as supplier. The world’s largest life sciences companies often turn to established marketplaces to assess and contact suppliers of research services. If your company uses Science Exchange to contract research service providers, the now existing agreement that be applied to any company. This speed’s-up the process of project initiation and implementation.
Check out our profile for further information.

May, 9nd 2019
Enzymicals AG earns Scientist.com approved supplier status
Enzymicals AG was recently designated as an approved supplier by one of the most trusted marketplaces in the life science industry. For over a decade Scientist.com is a B2B marketplace that’s convey scientific research by connecting buyers and sellers of research services. That allows scientists to find and order Enzymicals research and development services through pre-negotiated legal terms that mutually protect confidentiality and IP.
Check out our profile for further information.

April, 17th 2019
The H2020 project CarbaZymes has been successfully completed. The international, multidisciplinary consortium consisted of 14 companies and research institutes from 5 countries. In Focus of the project, which got a funding of € 8.3 million from the EU, was the enzymatic pathway for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds. Enzymicals task was the optimization and the scale up of selected processes. The newly released video on YouTube gives a good impression of this project. More

March, 22nd 2019
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is providing up to 15 million euros in the next five years to support the bio-based structural change planned for Vorpommern by the Plant³ consortium. Enzymicals is a member of the Application Consortium which consists of over 60 companies, associations, farmers, public authorities, universities and research institutes. The collaboration project aims to establish the refinement of plant-based raw materials as the motor of change in eastern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. »More

February, 27th 2019
From now on abcr GmbH will handle the entire ordering process for the Enzymicals catalog products. This includes the preparation of offers, order confirmations, shipping and invoicing. In any case, customers receive original Enzymicals products and Enzymicals remains the contact for all application and scientific questions.> More

Meet our cooperation partner abcr GmbH at selected fairs/conferences

February, 14th 2019
Enzymicals was nominated by Harry Glawe, Minister of Economy, Labor and Health in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, for “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” one of the most important awards for small and medium sized enterprises in Germany. The nomination is a great acknowledgement to the small Greifswald based company which is specialized in the development of chemo-enzymatic processes. »More

November, 22nd 2018
Enzymicals list of public case study’s reach number 40. Partners from Graz, Delft and Greifswald combined photo‐organo redox catalysis and biocatalysis to achieve asymmetric C–H bond functionalization of simple alkane starting materials. The light‐driven reaction with asymmetric enzymatic functionalization’s yield chiral hydroxynitriles, amines, acyloins and α‐chiral ketones with up to 99% ee. DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201801692

Great collaboration, great science!

September, 13th 2018
At the Annual ProcessNet Annual Meeting and the 33rd Annual GECHEMA Biotechnology Conference 2018 from 10th to 13th September 2018, Dr. Ing. Jan von Langermann, University of Rostock, presented the joint research results on "In situ product crystallization for equilibrium shift in selected amine transaminase-catalyzed reactions" (DOI: 10.1002/cite.201855280).

August, 30th 2018
Enzymicals AG extend its capacity in Business Development. Dr. Rainer Wardenga is one of the co-founders of Enzymicals and support the Business Development of the company beginning September. >More

July 03rd 2018
The jointly developed idea ComBioCryst of working group Jan von Langermann at Univerity of Rostock and Enzymicals won the 2. prize in idea competition "Inspired- The ideas competition. In MV." ComBioCryst describe a new method for preparing amines in transaminase-catalyzed reactions of carbonyl compounds by in situ product crystallization. >More

April 25th 2018
New in Enzymicals catalogue: PeroxyBlue668 – an indicator for detection of hydrogen peroxide. The methylene blue derivate is the basis for an easy to proceed photometric assay with an adsorption maximum of 668 nm. (order number ECS-C-13) >More

March 01th 2018
Enzymicals AG and the Karlsruhe-based abcr GmbH are intensifying their collaboration in catalogue business. The two internationally active companies have now entered into an agreement for a global trade relationship. »More

December 18th 2017
Enzymicals and Institute of Chemistry of University of Rostock have filed a patent application for preparing amines in transaminase-catalyzed reactions of carbonyl compounds by a novel process for in situ product crystallization (European Patent Application 17202282.4, filed on November 17th, 2017). The procedure was presented by Dr. Jan v. Langermann at the Amin-Biocat 3.0 in Manchester on December 11th. »More

December 14th 2017
"4chiral" is an East German network for fine chemicals and biotechnology with 37 members, including Enzymicals.The network presented its services and a short track record of its now 11-year existence in the CHEManager Int. Region Locations Guide 1-2017. »More

November 24th 2017
Enzymicals is member of the new NetPhaSol network. The Network for Pharma Solutions – NetPhaSol is a cooperation network of around 50 members focusing on drug discovery & development. It serves as a platform for research, development and marketing of new products, technologies and services in early phases of drug development.

October 18 th 2017
Enzymicals proves that one does not have to be located in the economic centers in order to be successful worldwide. A company portrait from the German journal "Laborjournal". »more

October 11th 2017
The application of Enzymicals recombinant pig liver isoenzymes (rPLE) enables biocatalytic access to a novel class of Mannich catalysts and a new, previously unavailable bicyclic carboxylic acid ester. »more

September 06 th 2017
The CarbaZymes partners held their internal progress meeting this year in beautiful Budapest at the Eötvös Lóránd University, as a satellite event to the 13th BioTrans Symposium, Europe’s major conference in applied biocatalysis. »more

July 17th 2017
"Biocatalytic synthesis of acrylonitrile from renewable raw materials" is the subject of a joint FNR-funded research project of Dralon GmbH and Enzymicals AG >more

July 06th 2017
Christian Pegel, Minister of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitization of the State Government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, visited Enzymicals AG during a visit to the Biotechnikum Greifswald on 05th of July 2017 >more

June 20th 2017
What's behind the name Enzymicals? The CEO, Dr. Ulf Menyes answered this and other questions in an interview with "Laborjournal". >more

May 10th 2017
Enzymicals is one of the eight companies out of Middle German fine chemistry region, which present their expertise together at one joint booth at Chemspec Europe 2017 in Munich. »more

April 26th 2017
Dr. Henrike Brundiek ist the new Head of R&D at Enzymicals AG:
Dr. Brundiek is a long-term employee of Enzymicals AG and takes over the scientific management of the company from now on. The former CSO, Dr. Rainer Wardenga, steps down from the managing board due to a longer-term parental leave. This decision was made by mutual agreement between the bodies of Enzymicals AG and reflects the family-friendliness of the company. »more

April 13th 2017
Enzymicals has been a member of the network 4chiral since 28.03.2017. With the slogan "Our core competence in organic synthesis", the network is conducting research and development projects in the field of organic synthesis. Enzymicals is now expanding the possibilities of the network by its expertise in the application of enzymatic processes for the synthesis of complex chemicals.

March 23th 2017

Sequential multistep one-pot reaction

Dr. Melinda Fekete, senior scientist at Enzymicals, has participated at a workshop which was focused on "Chemical Development and Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries". There she had the opportunity to discuss the activities of Enzymicals in this field using the Carbazymes project.

March 20th 2017
Enzymicals AG congratulates its long-standing network partner Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH for the acquisition of an 11-hectare site near Anklam in the northeast of Germany. (Read more) The creation of a new production site close to Enzymicals AG, improves the possibilities of these two synergistic acting companies to offer unique chemo-enzymatic solutions in the field of fine chemicals.

February 16th 2017
The article on "Efficient Chiral Chemistry by Application of Stereoselective Biocatalysts in Micro-Aqueous Reaction Systems", published in the February issue of "Specialty Chemistry Magazine", is another proof of the fruitful collaboration of Enzymicals with the group of Prof. Dörte Rother from FZ Jülich.

January 25th 2017
Prof. Fessner, coordinator of the CarbaZymes project, launched in April 2016 and funded by the EU at EUR 8.2 million, reported in an interview on the first successes and the challenges ahead. The aim of the project, for which Enzymicals also works intensively, is the development of enzymes for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds and the transfer into robust processes on an industrial scale to produce selected products. (See animation)

December 05th 2016
A new 4 x 1L multi-reactor system and a plant for the chromatographic purification of proteins on a preparative scale have been put into operation. This enables Enzymicals AG to optimize biocatalytic processes faster and more efficient and to meet customers' needs for purified proteins.

October 20th 2016
Enzymicals industrial collaborations result in real products and processes as well scientific articles. The outcome of currently performed projects with the companies Merck and Herbrand are published in high level journals. See more in our section abstract service.

September 26th 2016
Enzymicals coverage about its new phosphotransferases in a newsletter story on Manufacturing Chemist.

September 06th 2016
The new catalog Enzymicals is available!
The portfolio has been extended by Phosphotransferases for producing specific metabolites and two other halohydrin dehalogenase, for example, for the synthesis of 1,2-amino alcohols.

August 18th 2016
The news channel N24 has presented Enzymicals with a short profile in "Extra tip Business" as one of the most innovative SMEs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

June 23th 2016
Enzymicals fur­ther expand its capacities for up-scaling and pi­loting of biocat­alyt­ic processes. Through the success in fiscal year 2015 and in current projects, signif­icant invest­ments in technical equip­ment connected with structural exten­sions are currently be­ing re­alized. Thereby, the devel­op­ment of opti­mized biocat­alyt­ic processes and its transfer to pi­lot scale is signif­icantly more ef­fective than it was pre­vi­ously pos­sible.

April 22nd 2016
Enzymicals has devel­oped a new simple and ro­bust way to manufac­ture enantiopure Rimanta­dine. For this process, Transam­inases from the internal portfo­lio of the compa­ny are used. (Fur­ther information)

March 18th 2016
Enzymicals supports as a sponsor the internationally renowned Gordon Research Conference first time. The guiding theme this year is "Creative Science and processes for biocatalysis".

January 18th 2016
Enzymicals has included imine reductases (IREDs) as a new class of enzymes in the cat­a­log. With cat­a­log update in Jan­uary the offer of chem­icals has been ex­tended at 5 chiral com­pounds.

October 26th 2015

Sequential multistep one-pot reaction

The devel­op­ment of a chemoenzymat­ic process for the production of (1S,2R)-1-(methoxycarbonyl) cyclohex-4-ene-2-carboxylic acid by recombinant pig liv­er esterase in an opti­mized enantios­e­lective sequential mul­ti­s­tep one-pot re­action is presented in Org. Process Res. Dev. DOI 10.1021/acs.oprd.5b00294

September 23th 2015
Am­ine transam­inases of Enzymicals are used in a nov­el two-step biocat­alyt­ic route for production of all four stereoiso­mers of nor(pseuso)ephedrine. Currently, the technology is trans­ferred to the production. (see Manufacturing Chemist, Vol 86, No 9, pp 47-48)

July 27th 2015
Puro­lite and Enzymicals have devel­oped a screening kit with five im­mobi­lized R-se­lective transam­inases that show broad substrate range and ex­cel­lent enantios­e­lectiv­ity. The joint commercialization starts this week at Biotrans-Confer­ence in Vi­enna. (See flyer)

June 4th 2015
"Enzymicals transfers indus­trially useful cat­a­lysts to pharma inter­me­diate application" is the current Newletterstory in Manufac­tur­ing Chemist.

May 21th 2015
From now on the syn­thet­ic nicot­i­n­am­ide ana­logue BNAH is avail­able at En­zym­ic­als. At first the pro­duc­tion of cofactor sub­sti­tute was op­tim­ized and es­tab­lished for ap­plic­a­tion in biocata­lyt­ic syn­thes­is by Dr. Holl­mann at Uni­versity of Delft. Now, En­zym­ic­als real­ize the com­mer­cial­iz­a­tion. From June BNAH will be avail­able via the cata­log.

June 4th 2015
"Enzymicals transfers industrially useful catalysts to pharma intermediate application" is the current Newletterstory in Manufacturin Chemist.
(press release)

March 30th 2015
En­zym­ic­als is a con­sor­ti­um part­ner in three pro­jects of the H2020-fund­ing peri­od. With these pro­jects a total of € 1.2 mil­lion grants were pro­cured for En­zym­ic­als.
(press release)

March 23th 2015
A cur­rent com­pany pro­file of En­zym­ic­als was pub­lished in the newly re­leased 5th edi­tion of the "European Bi­o­tech­no­logy Guide".

March 05th 2015
Sim­ul­tan­eous to the Con­fer­ence "Transam 2.0 - Chir­al Amines Through (Bio) Cata­lys­is" which takes place in Gre­if­swald from 03th to 05th of March, En­zym­ic­als brings a new screen­ing kit in first gen­er­a­tion with sev­en im­mob­il­ized R-se­lect­ive transa­m­inases on the mar­ket. This kit was de­veloped in col­lab­or­a­tion with Pur­ol­ite. The kit is avail­able on re­quest.

February 04th 2015
On the DE­CHEMA PRAX­IS­for­um "En­zymes for In­dus­tri­al Ap­plic­a­tions" En­zym­ic­als presents a pro­cess for Desym­met­riz­a­tion of meso-1,2-Di­esters. Us­ing a pig liv­er isoen­zyme a ro­bust and ef­fi­cient pro­cess has been de­veloped and up­scaled up to the kilo­gram scale.

December 15th 2014
Enzymicals provide one PhD-position in the context of BIOCASCADES Marie Curie Innovative Training Network for European Industrial Doctorates (ITN-EID). This is an interdisciplinary research and training network of 7 universities and 5 industrial enterprises from 5 European countries.

October 14th 2014

GründerChampions 2014

En­zym­ic­als has won the cor­por­ate com­pet­i­tion KfW Award Gründer­Cham­pi­ons in 2014 in the state of Mecklen­burg-West­ern Pom­er­a­nia. The prize is awar­ded in the frame­work of the Ger­man Founders and En­tre­pren­eurs days (deGUT). The fest­ive award ce­re­mony will take place on Oc­to­ber 16th at the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Eco­nom­ics and Tech­no­logy in Ber­lin.

September 16th 2014
Prof. Uwe Bornsch­euer, the found­ing fath­er of En­zym­ic­als was awar­ded by the Ger­man So­ci­ety for Fat Sci­ence e.V. (DGF) with the "Wil­helm-Nor­mann-Medal". The award ce­re­mony took place this week at the EuroFed­Lip­id con­fer­ence.

September 10th 2014
Be­gin­ning of Septem­ber in Ham­burg took place the 7th In­ter­na­tion­al Con­gress on Biocata­lys­is. At the con­gress En­zym­ic­als has very suc­cess­fully presen­ted a lec­ture on the top­ic "Scale-up of a re­com­bin­ant pig liv­er es­terase-cata­lyzed desym­met­riz­a­tion of di­methyl cyc­lo­hex-4-ene-cis-1,2-di­carboxylate". Ad­di­tion­al res­ults were presen­ted at two posters on the top­ics "Pro­duc­tion of nov­el halo­hydrin de­halo­genases for the syn­thes­is of ß-sub­sti­tuted al­co­hols" and "Syn­thes­is of fine chem­ic­als with re­com­bin­ant iso­forms of pig liv­er es­terase".

August 18th 2014
We cel­eb­rate our 5th birth­day. The team of En­zym­ic­als which now con­sists of 14 col­leagues, cel­eb­rated the fifth com­pany ju­bilee with a trip to the is­land Vilm. (More in­form­a­tion at Bi­otec-find­er)

July 29th 2014
En­zym­ic­als has de­veloped and scaled up a ro­bust biocata­lyt­ic pro­cess for desym­met­risa­tion of a meso-di­ester. As cata­lyst was used a re­com­bin­antly pro­duced pig liv­er es­terase isoen­zyme. A pa­per which de­scribed the pro­cess de­vel­op­ment was pub­lished in Man­u­fac­tur­ing Chem­ist.

July 24th 2014
En­zym­ic­als presen­ted a poster with new­est res­ults on its in­vest­ig­a­tions on halo­hydin de­halo­genases very suc­cess­ful at Gor­don Re­search Con­fer­ence in Spring­field, USA.

July 14th 2014
Most re­cently for three Baey­er-Vil­li­ger monooxy­genases is a new li­quid for­mu­la­tions in the cata­log. This will greatly en­hance the sta­bil­ity of this en­zymes.

June 12th 2014
The Work­ing Group Phar­ma­ceut­ic­al Bi­o­tech­no­logy at the Uni­versity of Gre­if­swald and the En­zym­ic­als co­oper­ate in a re­search pro­ject to pro­duce ef­fi­ciently re­com­bin­ant en­zymes in newly de­veloped Ba­cil­lus strains with QPS status in in­dus­tri­al scale. (idw – In­for­ma­ti­ons­dienst Wis­sen­schaft)

June 04th 2014
Enzymicals AG acts on international markets: Intellectual Property Rights for recombinant isoforms of pig liver esterases (PLE) granted in Japan

May 28th, 2014
Enzymicals expanded its patent position in Asia. End of May, the Japanese Patent Office granted the rights for certain isoforms of pig liver esterases. (Transkript 6/2014 p.10)

April 29th 2014
In the is­sue 1/2014 of the magazine Life Sci­ence Nord En­zym­ic­als AG is rep­res­en­ted as "the per­fect part­ner". The magazine was pub­lished to the Ger­man Bi­o­tech­no­logy Days in April. The art­icle on page 17 shows how it is pos­sible for En­zym­ic­als to cov­er the whole value chain of White bi­o­tech­no­logy.

March 10th 2014
"Tail­or-made solu­tions for biocata­lyt­ic ap­plic­a­tions for every­one in chem­istry?" – This ques­tion and the con­tri­bu­tion of En­zym­ic­als in this field is the sub­ject of the March is­sue of the e-news­let­ter of Man­u­fac­tur­ing Chem­ist.

Decem­ber 12th 2013
In the an­nu­al 2013/2014 from Bio Deutsch­land e.V. a guest art­icle from DBU (Deutsche Bundess­tif­tung Um­welt) was pub­lished. This art­icle de­scribes the pro­ject "e-Capro­lac­tone-pro­duc­tion us­ing mo­lecu­lar oxy­gen". En­zym­ic­als makes an im­port­ant con­tri­bu­tion for this pro­ject which is sup­por­ted by the DBU.

May 23th, 2013
An actual company profile was published in the new edition of the "15th Guide to German Biotech Companies".
Company profile

April 18th, 2013
The new biotechnology report from Ernst & Young is published. There you can find an article about the capability of Enzymicals.

October 17th, 2012
Enzymicals AG wins the Ostseezeitung's start-up prize.

June 18th 2012
Braun Beteiligungs GmbH (BBG) has acquired a stake in Enzymicals AG to facilitate a stronger collaboration between Enzymicals AG, Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH and BRAIN AG.
Document - Image

February 28th, 2012
Enzymicals AG forged links in Philadelphia within a marketing aid program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics.
Document - Image

January 17th, 2012
Enzymicals AG and Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH cooperate for biotechnological production of pharmaceuticals and intermediates.
Document - Image 1 - Image 2

Juni 21st, 2011
Enzymicals AG and Lonza AG sign license agreement for the global use of (R)-selective transaminases in laboratory scale in Lonza patented processes.
Document - Image 1 - Image 2

June 1st, 2011
White meets blue. Die Enzymicals AG und das Institut für Marine Biotechnologie e.V. kooperieren in der weißen und blauen Biotechnologie.
Document - Image 1

October 4th, 2010
Enzymicals AG acquires proprietary rights on pig liver esterases (PLE) from Evonik AG.
Document - Image 1

July 12th, 2010
BRAIN AG acquires share in chemical and biocatalyst specialist Enzymicals AG.
Document - Image 1 - Image 2 - Image 3

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