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Enzymicals is your experienced partner to answer your specific questions about enzymes and their application in organic synthesis processes!

The scheme shows the steps for the development of a biocatalyst

On the way to tailor-made biocatalysts, we discover and produce enzymes and adapt them to your requirements. Our technology platform covers identification of novel enzymes from strain collections and metagenome libraries, their cloning, the functional expression in a range of microbial hosts and protein engineering tools.

We use our know how for an expression service to provide our customers with commercially not available enzymes with the highest possible activity.

Regarding the use of enzymes, process development for the production of fine and specialty chemicals is one of our main tasks. This includes route scouting, scale up from laboratory to pilot scale just as the necessary downstream processes. Together with our network partners, we expand our service to ASMF filing, regulatory affairs, cGMP production and bulk scale supply.

Tailormade Biocatalysts and Expression-Service

Enzyme Screening

The photo shows pipetting into a microtiter platel

Our screening technology allows the high-throughput identification of the best biocatalyst for your application. Enzymicals innovative enzyme collection already contains novel and improved biocatalysts ready for your use.

As part of our in-house screening service, we screen your substance with our catalog enzymes and our internal enzyme portfolio, which is not available through the catalog. In addition, we integrate commercially available enzyme collections from other suppliers.

Expression Systems and Expression-Service

The photo shows the equipment for protein purification
Purification of enzymes

Enzymicals is your reliable partner for the efficient production of enzymes for biotechnological applications!

We offer a tailor-made protein expression service and expression optimization service for the recombinant production of rare or not commercially available proteins. This service may, if desired, contain functional tests of the proteins obtained by adapting specific assay methods.

Our team has extensive know-how in the functional expression of genes in various host strains. Enzymicals utilizes a variety of expression hosts and in-house solutions to ensure formation of active enzymes at highest productivities. Upon request, the biocatalyst of choice can also be purified, formulated or immobilized to meet the customers’ demands.

Protein Engineering

The picture shows the robotic system for high-throughput screening
Robotic platform for HT-screening

We engineer your biocatalyst!
Advanced tools for rational protein design and directed evolution are used to create the most suitable biocatalysts to meet your demands. This includes a broad range of molecular biology tools and sophisticated high-throughput screening methods. Through a cooperation agreement with the University of Greifswald, we have state of the art technology at our disposal.

We also develop tailor-made assays for enzyme identification and characterization.

Synthesis strategies, process development and piloting

Synthetic strategies

We develop synthesis strategies and processing pathways for chemo- biocatalytic processes for the production of fine and special chemicals. Thereby we are focused at the development of robust, stable processes for the later industrial application and combine chemical and biocatalytic steps. In doing so, ecological and economic aspects are taken into account from the outset, in order to improve the process.

The scheme shows strategies for the synthesis of nor(pseudo)-ephedrinesTwo-step strategies for the synthesis of nor(pseudo)-ephedines Abstract(16)

Process Development and Piloting

The figure shows the steps of the Scale Up for fermentation processes
Scale up of the fermentation process

We develop and optimize fermentation processes for the production of biocatalysts as well as chemo-biocatalytic processes for the production of fine and special chemicals.

In process development for the production of fine and special chemicals, we convert the synthesis strategy into a process, which we optimize and adapt to the requirements of the customer. A modern 4-fold reactor system is available for reaction optimization. Next steps are a gradual scale up and the creation of the SOP. Then we carry out a technology transfer into the pilot plants of the customers and accompany this transfer.

The basis for the development of fermentation processes is our extensive expertise in the expression of proteins and the experiences with different host strains. A stat of the art multi-fermenter system enables rapid and targeted optimization of the fermentation strategy. The scale up of fermentative processes is successively carried out up to pilot-scale. Then we carried out the transfer of the process either directly to the customer or to a CMO.