Enzyme Technology Alliance to offer protein and enzymatic process R&D from early discovery to chemical manufacturing across the entire value chain

13. October 2022

The newly formed Enzyme Technology Alliance allows start-ups and corporations globally to access the full scope of protein development to marketable products. Founders and members of the Enzyme Technology Alliance are the technologically complementary biotech-SMEs Candidum GmbH, Aminoverse B.V., ChiralVision B.V., and Enzymicals AG comprising 45 scientific experts and more than 150 years of combined experience ranging from enzyme discovery to facilitating cGMP enzymatic production of APIs.

Under the framework of the Enzyme Technology Alliance, the independent partners jointly tackle complex development projects spanning from in-silico catalyst discovery over AI-supported enzyme engineering to catalyst immobilization, DOE-based process intensification and scale-up. Like interlocking pieces of a puzzle, the strengths of each member are combined not only to create a new point of contact for the biotech industry but offer competitive solutions for both superior proteins and chemical entities.

More information:

2022-10-13 ETA Press Release