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Vision & Mission

We truly believe in the benefits of in-vitro biosynthesis. With technologies, products and offerings for the industrial implementation of biocatalysis, we support the global industry to enable the upcoming change to biologically inspired production concepts.

Our vision is to have a significant contribution for a more sustainable future by addressing six of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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The application of cost-efficient enzyme technologies has helped to advance the competitiveness of our customers across diverse market segments.
Dr. Erik de Vries

Added Value

  • Tailor made ENZYMES (selective catalysis with robust biocatalysts)
  • Customized CHEMICALS (enzymatic manufacturing of organic molecules)
  • Individual process SOLUTIONS (state-of-the-art process technologies)

Enzymes are sustainable and efficient catalysts, proven to be very competitive when applying for selective chemical synthesis. Our advanced R&D services and tailored solutions for biocatalyst development, feasibility studies, process optimization, economic viability assessment, scale-up and pilot-plant implementation contribute to a more sustainable industry.

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