Enzymicals installed a state-of-the-art enzymatic flow reactor

14. September 2023

That represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

In our EU-funded research and innovation project, MACBETH, coordinated by Evonik, Enzymicals AG has a leadership role as the designated case leader for the BOC (biocatalytic oil cleavage) line. In this framework, a novel enzymatic flow reactor was engineered and constructed by our project partner Microinnova Engineering GmbH. This cutting-edge technology is designed for the precise enzymatic enrichment of omega-3 fatty acids from marine oils provided by Solutex Corp. A true testament to collaboration, this achievement was made possible in partnership with our friends and project participants from ChiralVision BV. It’s a momentous endeavor that promises to reshape the future of chemical synthesis.

🌊 The Flow Reactor Features:
✅ Throughput of 2 – 5 L/h
✅ Enhanced sustainability
✅ Precise control and optimization

We’ve successfully implemented the pilot plant in our labs. This marks the first step towards a broader mission: transferring this pioneering concept to other chemical reactions.

🌟 Join Us in Revolutionizing Chemistry! We invite all innovators, researchers, and industry partners to reach out and discuss the transferability of our Enzymatic Flow Reactor technology to other target reactions. Together, we can drive innovation, reduce environmental footprints, and shape a brighter future for sustainable chemistry.

To explore the endless possibilities and collaborate with us on this exciting journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s make chemistry cleaner, greener, and more efficient!