Enzymicals installed a state-of-the-art rotating bead reactor

16. December 2023

We have implemented an advanced rotating bead reactor as part of our commitment to sustainability and resource conservation, emphasizing the reduction of waste and the judicious use of raw materials. Our alliance partner, SpinChem, provided this cutting-edge technology designed for superior biocatalytic reactions with immobilized enzymes.The rotating bead reactor (RBR) boasts a state-of-the-art design, offering seamless handling of the solid phase through confinement within a rotating bed behind stainless steel filters. This not only prolongs the catalyst’s lifespan but also streamlines separation, enabling swift screening and catalyst recovery.

We promptly utilized the RBR for an enzymatic hydroxylation reaction on a complex molecule, employing an unspecific peroxidase. The RBR approach now allows us to process a poorly water-soluble substrate at a concentration of 5 g/L, marking a significant advancement from our previous 2 L batch scale with a product yield of 2 g/L.This noteworthy achievement is the result of collaborative efforts with our partners at SpinChem AB, showcasing the potential to revolutionize chemical synthesis.

We extend an invitation to innovators, researchers, and industry partners to engage with us in exploring the applicability of the rotating bead reactor technology for other target reactions. Together, we can foster innovation, reduce environmental impact, and shape a more sustainable future for chemistry.

Join us in making chemistry cleaner, greener, and more efficient!