Expansion of off-the-shelf enzyme collection

23. May 2023

We have greatly expanded our collection of off-the-shelf enzymes via in-house activities and third parties for contract research in industrial biocatalysis. Using one of the world-wide largest collections on natural synthetic diversity we offer comprehensive screening programs for identifying outstanding enzymes with a high probability of success. With our chemical expertise we can directly translate screening hits into optimized processes and kg-syntheses. What’s also unique about our approach is a flexible business model that allows for subsequent catalyst supply or even outsourcing of enzyme production to the customer or a preferred CMO.

Some Numbers: > 50 Enzyme Panels > 3.500 Biocatalysts

Among others: 700+ KREDs : 500+ IREDs : 100+ EREDs : 400+ ATAs : 300+ CAZymes : 150+ P450s


We look forward to helping our clients achieve their biocatalytic goals.