Start of upPE-T project

16. December 2020

Enzymicals AG is pleased to announce participation in a major EU-funded Research and Innovation project on upcycling of plastics waste of food and drinks packaging. The €7.8 million ‘upPE-T’ project will champion the upcycling of Polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) post-consumer wastes to obtain high value products that will be used in the production of biodegradable & recyclable bioplastics (PHBVs) for food & drink packaging manufacturing. Together with the group of Prof Uwe Bornscheuer of the University of Greifswald, Enzymicals is responsible for all enzyme discovery, optimization, and process development in the project which started Nov 1st, 2020 and will run for 4 years.