We congratulate Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer for receiving the prestigious 2022 Enzyme Engineering Award.

1. June 2022

Professor Bornscheuer pioneered many methods of protein engineering, including a range of new high-throughput screening methods, computational tools to design libraries of protein variants and the application of these methods to alter the regio-, chemo- and stereoselectivity of enzymes for various applications. Many projects helped to establish novel environmentally friendly processes. He is recognized worldwide as a leader in enzyme engineering and biocatalysis, where he has developed important new concepts, technologies and biocatalysts.

He has been a professor in Greifswald since 1999 and initiated the founding of Enzymicals AG in 2009. Uwe Bornscheuer has published over 500 peer-reviewed research articles, more than 40 book chapters and has filed 50 patent applications.

The major theme in the Bornscheuer group is identifying and optimizing enzymes through protein engineering for applications in organic synthesis (i.e., chiral intermediates for pharmaceuticals using hydrolases or transaminases), lipid modification (healthy fats/oils, oleochemistry), the enzymatic degradation of complex marine polysaccharides and more recently enzymatic recycling of plastics such as PET.

More information: https://engconf.us/conferences/biotechnology/enzyme-engineering-xxvi/#header8