We are people that truly believe
in the benefits of in-vitro biosynthesis

Over a decade of experience

We are your experienced partner for industrial biocatalysis from mg to ton-scale with more than a decade of experience. Enzymicals experts offer their recognized expertise in the use of enzymatic processes for complex chemical synthesis, from initial catalyst-lead finding to process optimization and scale-up. Combining many years of experience in biotechnology with state-of-the art facilities, our company has success stories with many partners from diverse industries speeding up their developments. Our core working principles are high quality R&D, professionalism and customer satisfaction. By this we add value with tailor made enzymes, customized chemicals and individual process solutions and enable greener and safer manufacturing procedures.



Prof. Dr.
Uwe Bornscheuer

Chairman of Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer holds the Chair for Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis at the Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Greifswald since 1999. He initiated the foundation of Enzymicals in 2009 as mentor, stakeholder and chairman of the supervisory board.


Erik de Vries

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Erik de Vries is an organic chemist that has been working in biotechnology for over 20 years. His experience is in protein engineering, drug development, pharmaceuticals, renewable chemicals and business development.


Henrike Brundiek

Head of Research and Development

Dr. Henrike Brundiek, a biotechnologist with more than a decade of experience in industrial biotechnology, specialized in enzyme development, expression and design. She has a strong professional background in management and execution of commercial research projects.



David Liese

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. David Liese studied chemistry and has been an employee of Enzymicals since 2020. He has gained experience in the industry during his apprenticeship as lab assistant and as a PHD candidate in an innovation center of a global specialty chemical company.



Sebastian Schätzle

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Sebastian Schätzle is a biochemist with many years of experience as senior scientist in international research groups in academia and pioneering biotech industry. He holds a diploma and a PhD in Biochemistry, both from the University of Greifswald.



Rainer Wardenga

Business Development

Dr. Rainer Wardenga is biologist and co-founder of Enzymicals. Until 2017, he was a member of the management board and was in charge for research and production. Since then he has been responsible for leading business development and marketing activities of the company.

Our Team

Our team is set-up to fulfill our clients’ needs for efficient biocatalytic solutions. Two equal groups work on biological and chemical topics and represent the necessary know-how in analytics, molecular biology, fermentation, biocatalysis, and process chemistry. Enzymicals places a clear focus on research and development, which is reflected in a quota of approx. 60% scientists in the total number of now around 20 employees.

ACHIEVEMENTSEnzymicals - Achievements

Since its founding in 2009, Enzymicals AG has created a customer-oriented industrial platform for the development and piloting of chemo-biocatalytic synthetic routes for high-quality fine chemicals and has built a bridge between academic research and industrial application.

Important milestones were enabled by raising seed capital through our strategic investors BRAIN AG and BBG in 2010 and 2012, the set-up of a highly qualified team, equipping modern state-of-the-art laboratories and the immediate start of a product- and service-based business.

We were rewarded by winning the local “Ostseezeitung” start-up prize (2012) and the corporate competition “KfW Award GründerChampions” in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (2014).

Our start-up proved the functionality of our company concept by reaching our financial break even in 2015 and subsequent profitability. The refinement of our strategic direction to process development and scale-up with accompanying marketing activities were subsequently successfully carried out in 2016 and thereafter.

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well-adjusted equal proportion among biologists and chemists

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lab space with dedicated areas for R&D and production of kg’s

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we have truly international patronage, having worked with many partners in a variety of states worldwide

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balanced ratio between scientists, engineers and technicians

At our 10th anniversary of Enzymicals AG we could look back on five profitable years with organic growth rates also positively influenced by enhancement of a diverse network and partnering activities.

10 Jahre – Enzymicals – Festveranstaltung

Our unique success story continued in 2020 by an honor through the visit of the German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel and selection as finalist in the “Grand Prix of German medium-sized businesses” awards (2020). In the same year we published our 50th paper in renowned scientific journal demonstrating a respectable number of successful case studies.

In early 2022 the Supervisory Board of Enzymicals AG, appointed Dr. Erik de Vries as the new CEO of Enzymicals AG. Alongside Dr. Erik de Vries, Dr. Sebastian Schätzle is appointed as Chief Business Officer and Dr. David Liese as Chief Operating Officer. This team will ensure the long-term development of the company. In the same year we’re honored to have received the “Innovative through research” seal of approval from the German Stifterverband for Sciences and founded the Enzyme Technology Alliance. The newly alliance allows start-ups and corporations globally to access the full scope of protein development to marketable products. Founders and members of the Enzyme Technology Alliance are the technologically complementary biotech-SMEs Candidum GmbH, Aminoverse B.V., ChiralVision B.V., and Enzymicals AG comprising 45 scientific experts and more than 150 years of combined experience ranging from enzyme discovery to facilitating cGMP enzymatic production of APIs.

We were able to witness the commercialization of a product which we successfully led from biocatalyst and process development to production scale-up and transfer to production on a ton-scale. Together with our established position as innovative CRO/CDMO in the field of industrial biocatalysis we are proud of being a well-known name in this field.

We are eager to accomplish more.



The BioTechnikum Greifswald has areas of laboratory and office space as well as a training and conference area. Enzymicals currently rents a separate biosafety level 1 zone of 460 m² with dedicated areas for analytics, routine tasks, screenings, process R&D, scale-up, downstream and a kg-lab. From 2022 we will move into new buildings for significant extension of our production capacity.



In 2010, BRAIN AG, one of the leading European white biotechnology companies, has acquired a minority share in Enzymicals AG. This strategic alliance brings together complementary modules of the value chain for biocatalytic production of fine and special chemicals. Dr. Martin Langer is Executive Vice President and head of business development at BRAIN. He was elected as member of the supervisory board of Enzymicals AG in 2020.


In 2012, Braun Beteiligungs GmbH, a traditional medium-sized holding company that was founded in 1973 and is currently among one of the 25 biggest employers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, has acquired a stake in Enzymicals AG. In the pharmaceutical sector, BBG holds shares in companies with different structures. In 2020 the minority share was transferred to Mrs. Prof. Dagmar Braun as an individual. She is on the board of numerous associations and fulfills a variety of voluntary functions.


Enzymicals AG founded

Enzymicals AG was founded in 2009.

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Seed capital

Raising seed capital from BRAIN AG

Start of our business

Immediate start of a product- and service-based business.

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Strategic investor

Stake by our second strategic investor BBG

“Ostseezeitung“ start-up prize

 Winning the local “Ostseezeitung” start-up prize.

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Corporate competition “KfW Award GründerChampions“

Winning the corporate competition “KfW Award GründerChampions” in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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Break even

Reaching profitability in 2015.

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Strategic reorientation

Stronger focus on scale-up and piloting of biocatalytic processes.

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Trading collaboration

Partnering with abcr for improved global distribution of our products.

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10th anniversary of Enzymicals AG

Festive event on successful establishment of a profitable company in the field of industrial biocatalysis.

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Visit of previous Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel

Honor through the visit of the previous German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel

Finalist in the Grand Prix of German medium-sized businesses awards

Awarded as one of the three finalist from our state by an independent jury.

More than 50 public cases studies

A respectable number of scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.

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Commercialization of developed product at ton-scale

Enzyme and production process development to ton-scale.

Partnership with Solvias

Opening access to alternative synthetic technology platforms

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Board of Supervisors Appoints New Management

With Dr. Erik de Vries as CEO

“Innovative through research“ seal of approval from the German Stifterverband for Sciences

Formal approval from the German Stifterverband for Sciences

Foundation of the Enzyme Technology Alliance

To offer protein and enzymatic process R&D from early discovery to chemical manufacturing across the entire value chain.

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Education of chemical laboratory assistants

COO Dr. David Liese, has been an IHK-certified trainer and Enzymicals is now starting to train chemical laboratory assistants.

Move to the Z4 Centre for Life Science and Plasma Technology

The Greifswald Z4 combines research, development and production under one roof. We moved into our new laboratories and production hall with a total of 850m2.

Expansion of biocatalyst collection

Significant expansion of off-the-shelf enzyme collection for contract research via in-house activities and third parties. Using one of the world-wide largest collections on natural synthetic diversity with more than 3.500 biocatalysts in 50 panels we offer comprehensive screening programs.

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abcr GmbH with headquarter in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the preferred trading partner of Enzymicals AG. The company has subsidiaries and representatives in Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, France, England, Poland, India, Israel, Japan, Brazil, Russia and USA. As the preferred trading partner abcr GmbH process the entire order procedure for our catalogue products. This includes the preparation of quotations, order confirmations, shipping and invoicing. In any case, customers receive original Enzymicals products and we remain the contact for technical support and all scientific questions.


The Swiss enterprise Solvias is one of the largest independent analytical testing, contract research, development and manufacturing companies. The ligands and specialty unit at Solvias has a proven track record for the efficient and successful development of catalytic processes and with Enzymicals both parties have the perfect combination of complementary services with the aim of providing solutions to challenging chemical transformations. Clients of both parties will benefit from proprietary catalyst portfolios and expertise for catalytic transformations with a suite of related custom synthesis and technology platforms.


For over 15 years ChiralVision has designed, developed and scaled-up immobilized enzyme processes for diverse markets. The immobilization technology based on macroporous polymeric beads to make their application feasible and allow to make innovations in pharma, intermediates, life sciences, cosmetics, food, environment and more. With this collaboration Enzymicals clients can obtain highly professional custom immobilization service and quickly count on first prototypes for evaluation, optionally followed by multiple rounds of optimization which will turn the prototype into a robust reusable catalyst.


By using cutting edge directed enzyme evolution and in silico design methods, Aminoverse engineer enzymes to meet any application requirements. The company look back at a long track record in enzyme development and is a team player for almost 10 years. Together with Enzymicals as technologically complementary partner, the parties are convinced that the best chance to solve an enzyme challenge is to work hand in hand for a common goal. This collaboration takes our value proposition to the next level.


With innovations in computational enzyme design that allows to navigate nature’s complexity and optimize variants to fit your needs, our synergistic partner Candidum is committed to support the discovery of lead candidates and/or the design of improvement strategies on a molecular level. It’s technology of simulation-based metagenome mapping and enzyme engineering hotspot profiles leads to increased efficiency and success rates with simultaneously decreased development timelines. Our alliance enables us to offer complex developments and to bring them to industrial scale.


The CBP in Leuna focuses on the combination of biotechnological processes with chemical processes, and with its pilot scale technical equipment it can close the gap between our laboratories and industrial implementation. By providing the infrastructure and technical facilities as well as a staff of highly qualified experts, it enables Enzymicals to scale-up processes to production-relevant dimensions and also to accelerate process developments. The plant has various scales for fermentation and enzyme-catalyzed reactions up to 10 m³ with a high degree of flexibility.


Chiracon has 20 years of experience in the field of drug synthesis and documentation. As a German company, our partner can reliably offer all services in the field of synthetic drug development for new or generic products with specialization in organic synthesis, scale up and production in a ISO9001/GMP certified environment. This collaboration can provide documentations needed for active pharmaceutical ingredients for clinical trials, and also in order to introduce new APIs to market (ASMF, DMF, CMC, IMPD).


Europe’s flagship in life sciences, provide access to Transform-MinER, an in-silico tool for synthetic analysis, developed at EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute, to identify novel high value-added biosynthetic enzyme reactions with relevance to our proprietary product portfolio. The tailored exploration of the chemical biosynthetic space by the use of Transform-MinER’s ligand-based methodology with chemoinformatic fingerprints is beneficial to more efficiently commercialize our technology platform and its biocatalytic potential to fuel our product pipeline.


We work with a range of diverse undisclosed CMOs to enable our clients the commercial supply of our developments and products. No matter whether enzymes or chemical entities. Our proven partners are predominantly located in the EU and the network spans over small, mid-sized and large players in the industry. Together with our collaborators, we expand our service to regulatory affairs, cGMP production and bulk scale supply.