WHAT WE DOSelective catalysis for tomorrow’s Industry





Tailor made ENZYMES

Is the enzyme you are interested in not commercially available and a production needs to be developed? We can supply it by in-house production up to the kg-scale for your R&D studies and support or completely manage subsequent industrial scale-up. Enzymicals develops biocatalysts for a variety of industries such as life science, pharma and fine chemicals, flavor & fragrance etc. using a proven platform to access unique enzymes from biodiversity.

„If selective catalysis is the question – Enzymicals can answer”


Biocatalyst development

Sequence-and function-driven approaches are ready to support the creation of novel panels with advanced biocatalysts taking into account the existing IP landscape. We are experienced to focus on a single asset with FTO or innovations with strong patent position. With our established network, consisting of specialized partners for enzyme evolution and enzyme immobilization, a lead catalyst can be improved for your specific application without your target compound having to leave our desk. Subsequent to the identification of a hit, the biocatalysts of interest can be purchased at any scale.


Biocatalyst production

With a tool box of several established production organisms as E. coli, Pichia and Bacillus, we enable the commercial production and industrial use of your biocatalyst. With knowledge and expertise to apply molecular biology tools and techniques, we further improve the enzyme yield to competitiveness and establish an economic manufacturing process. Enzymicals has extensive expertise with scale-up from lab to pilot-scale and subsequent technology transfer to industrial manufacturing in the EU and beyond. Handling over knowledge of the productive fermentation protocols, robust analytical methods and efficient downstream processing techniques.




Customized CHEMICALS

There are multiple methods to manufacture chemical compounds, but with innovative route design and tailor-made biocatalysts, manufacturing processes can be improved by eliminating steps, increasing yields, and reducing solvent usage, all leading to less waste. Biocatalysis processes can also reduce the total energy consumption and capital utilization, meeting our joint goals for sustainable manufacturing. Having efficient catalysts in hand, we can produce your chemical entity up to the kg-scale in-house.


Chemical development

We are proficient in developing robust enzymatic processes to gain your customized target compound. Analytical services such as method development, validation, transfer and reference standard qualification are integrated throughout the development process. The multi-disciplinary nature of chemical development is efficiently supported by our diverse team, from the initial interaction with laboratory research scientists to the exchange with chemical engineers in our kg-lab environment.


Chemical production

Our experts are experienced in the conversion of a synthetic route used for making gram quantities of a chemical into a process for in-house manufacturing of multi-kilograms and subsequent production of ton quantities within our network. A strong platform on biocatalytic transformations and the ability to apply enzymatic synthesis strategies for new products is one of our core unique selling points.

We not only sell our platform technologies services, we also apply them ourselves for the production of our catalogue products.



Individual process SOLUTIONS

At Enzymicals we work as your partner in developing and/or manufacturing your product, be it a biocatalyst or a chemical target such as pharmaceutical / cosmetic ingredient or an API.  We work with you to understand your needs and have a flexible and dynamic approach. Specialized in enzyme screening and biocatalyst development, from initial catalyst-lead finding to process optimization and pre-scale up, we are ready for the next stage as business needs, budget or data require or allow.


Individual matching

You can always choose the right matching package from our service offerings. These range from the concept evaluations, route scouting, enzyme screenings and PoC studies to a full program of analytical and process development, optimization of production to Tech-transfer. The professional use of licensed design of experiments software for bioprocess improvement ensures most efficient experimental planning. Typically, economic feasibility of different approaches is included in many programs together with FTO-analysis and IP strategy development. Together with our network partners, we expand our service to ASMF filing, regulatory affairs, cGMP production and bulk scale supply. The quick adaptation to priority changes is highly appreciated by our clients.

Industrial implementation

From the first idea to the finished product, Enzymicals will manage contract manufacturing services for delivering your complex chemistry project to the quality that you need, when you need it. Expertise and flexibility are key parts of our outstanding services. With complete technology transfer packages and production partnerships for fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries, we act as your partner in scale up and direct technical transfer of a process to your manufacturing sites or state-of-the-art facilities within our network.